Dog Longevity in 2024 —  The State of the Art 


Dog Longevity in 2024

help your dog live longer.

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Dog Longevity in 2024

Dog Longevity in 2024 — The Prescription Drugs

The most widely proven drugs to help your dog live longer in 2024 are…

And you can purchase them from us with either your local vet’s prescription or a CONCIERGE CONSULT with Dr. Kevin.



    A New Life!!

    My elderly rescue dog Murphy was seriously slowing down and I was very worried he might not have much time left.  It was clear he was in pain as he could barely walk around the block and couldn’t climb stairs.  On top of that, blood tests showed his kidney values were not good.  Dr Kevin prescribed Rapamycin and after six weeks we saw improvement in his overall mood and ability to walk.  I had his blood tested again and his kidney values were perfect.  Subsequent tests continue to affirm that result.  Once we added Longevity and Transcend, it seems like a miracle occurred.  Murphy is his old spunky self again!  He’s climbing stairs, taking long walks, is happy, spirited, feisty and playful. Best of all, he is enjoying life again. He may be elderly, but his quality of life is wonderful now.

    Murphy's Mom


    Dog Longevity in 2024 — The Supplements

    Here are the supplements you need, and why.

    •  LONGEVITY PLUS — There is no naural supplement more studied than curcumin… but not all curcumin is the same.   Longevity Plus is the one supplement that every pet should get.
    • VISBIOME — Prescription grade probiotics for your pet.
    • TRANSCEND — Proven MOST EFFECTIVE at reducing joint pain.  (Spoiler alert– glucosamine/chondroitin products have been proven NOT to work in either humans or pets.)
    • NMN to maintain cellular energy as we age.
    • FISETIN-VET — The senolytic which prevents senescent cells from poisoning their neighbors.
    • TAURINE — Proven to support heart health, especially important with grain free pet diets.   Over the last year, proven to benefit longevity in other ways, as well.
    Dog Longevity in 2024
    Dog Longevity Care in 2024-- Veterinary Care

    Dog Longevity in 2024 — The Veterinary Care

    To help your pet live their longest, you need to find a veterinarian to partner with.  And here’s what you need to do.

    • If your dog is under 20 lbs…
      • Annual  dentals UNDER ANESTHESIA. with radiographs of every tooth.  No dental x-rays?  Find a different vet.
      • Annual exams with heart evaluations
      • Annual blood/urine panels after age 8
      • Vaccines personalized to your dog’s needs
    • If your dog is over 50 lbs…
      • Annual orthopedic exams
      • Early cancer screening yearly after reaching age 6
      • Personalized preventive medicine
    • Allergy care for all.  Remember the concept of Inflamm-Aging.

    Dog Longevity in 2024 — The Diet

    Listen, I’m not a veterinary nutritionist. But here’s what I know.  I know that…

    • The less your pet eats, the longer your pet will live.  Proven fact.
    • Pets who eat only once daily are healthier than pets fed more frequently.  Proven fact.
    • Feed fresh food when you can.
    • Dogs live a long and healthy life on vegetarian and vegan diets.  Proven fact.
    • If you’re going to feed raw diets, you better trust your manufacturer.  Bacterial contamination kills dogs, so consider HPP — high pressure pasteurization.
    • If you’re feeding a grain free diet, you darn sure better be giving your dog TAURINE.
    • Kibbled diets ARE high in carbs.  Avoid them when you can.
    Dog Longevity in 2024 -- Diets

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